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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Electronic Cigarettes: A Better Kind of Fag

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that emit doses of vapourized nicotine and non-nicotine solutions. These devices are sometimes referred to as electronic cigarettes, electronic vaping devices, and electronic nicotine delivery systems. Reputable suppliers of electronic cigarettes will attest that these devices are not only viable alternatives for traditional cigarette smokers who wish to lessen their inhalation of harmful chemicals (typically found in tobacco smoke) but also offer two great benefits at the same time as explained below.

First, e-cigarettes do not have that distinctly unpleasant odour that cigarettes emit. Cigarette smoke has a cloying scent—coming from burning tar and chemicals—that can permeate and cling to a person's hair, clothing, and possessions. While cigarette smokers are often oblivious to this odour, non-smokers and those who have recently quit smoking tend to notice the unpleasant smell immediately.

Second, smoking e-cigarettes is more affordable than smoking traditional cigarettes. As the cost of tobacco continues to rise throughout the EU, largely due to the rising costs of tobacco production and taxes, smoking traditional cigarettes can set a person back financially. While the cost of a complete e cigarette starter kit may seem hefty at first, the month-to-month cost of smoking e cigarettes is significantly lower when compared with traditional cigarettes.  

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