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Monday, 5 May 2014

Electronic Cigarette Components

The term “vaping” is commonly associated with the use of electronic cigarettes and the vapour it produces from the device's liquid, similar to “smoking” and the smoke traditional cigarettes produce. Both activities are very similar, with the former commonly known as the alternative of the latter. Vaping has recently garnered a considerable fan base, often stating its alleged advantages than its predecessor. One of these is the customizable components that can make vaping a better experience.

The atomizer within an e-cig functions as the main engine of the device. It dissolves the liquid nicotine into gas and releases it when used. The atomizer can also contain the different flavours of an e-cig when used, so much so that many users have multiple atomizers at their disposal. Atomizers only last for a couple of weeks or months depending on use.

The cartridge holds the e-liquid to be turned into vapour by the atomizer. This is usually the most affordable part of the whole e-cigarette since this can be purchased with the liquid in it or refilled by the user.

The common feature of the e-liquid is that it comes in different flavours. In addition, the nicotine levels in the liquid can be regulated, a great way to manage the smoking sensation.


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