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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Why E-Cigarettes are Gaining Popularity

E-cigarettes are basically “nicotine inhalers” that work by electronically burning liquid nicotine, producing a vapour that the user then inhales. The use of e-cigarettes is fast gaining popularity around the world for several reasons.

First of all, e-cigarettes are generally considered cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarettes. A user's major expense would be the starter kit, and succeeding expenses cover the costs of e liquid refills. The total estimated cost of using e-cigarettes in a year is considerably lower than the cost of consuming one pack of traditional cigarettes a day.

Additionally, e-cigarettes carry less of the harmful health effects of traditional cigarettes. The e-liquid in e-cigarettes do not produce tar, which is a by-product of tobacco-based cigarettes. Tar is known to cause the staining of a smoker's teeth and skin; it can also lead to certain respiratory diseases. Likewise, tar is present in the smoke that a traditional cigarette user exhales, which can then be passed on to those around the smoker. This is commonly known as secondhand smoke, and is considered to be just as harmful as that inhaled by smokers themselves.

The vapour produced by the burning of the e-liquid in electronic cigarettes is tar-free, which makes it safer for persons around a smoker. For this reason, using e-cigarettes is allowed in many public places where traditional cigarettes are banned, like airports and restaurants. This is another factor that has contributed to the rising popularity of e-cigarettes.


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