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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Choosing your E Liquid: Vapour or Flavour?

Most first-time vapers aren’t aware of the different ingredients in e liquid and how it effects the overall vaping experience. There are other things to consider aside from the flavors available. The first choice you need to make is about some of its basic ingredients, such as vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).
Propylene glycol is a form of mineral oil that is also used in a variety of products as a solvent. From medications and hygiene products to food and cosmetics, propylene glycol is very much a part of everyday living. In vaping, PG e liquid is thin and provides a “throat hit”, similar to that of tobacco cigarettes. This type of e-juice is relatively more popular because it emulates the feeling of smoking better than VG e liquid.

Vegetable Glycerin is a carbohydrate procured from plant oils and is commonly found in ordinary items, such as baked goods, creams, capsules and dental care products. It has a much thicker consistency than propylene glycol and yields a sweeter taste. As the ingredient that produces a smoke-like cloud, VG e liquid is preferred by vapers who want more volume to their vapour.

A mix of PG and VG in your e liquid can give you both good flavour and throat hit. Most e liquid suppliers like Vapetime offer a comprehensive array of PG, VG and mixed e-juices that can be used on any type of e-cigarette. Trying out various types and combinations can help you make the best choice. 


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