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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Juicing it Up: Managing E-Cigarette Cartomizers

The recreational use of e-cigarettes is becoming a popular trend worldwide, especially among young users. Although e-cigarettes have yet to completely replace traditional cigarettes, they are a very appealing alternative, especially since they can be used even in most non-smoking areas. Much of the e-cigarette’s charm lies in its cartomizer, which holds and dispenses the flavours of the device whenever used.

Cartomizers can be filled with all sorts of flavourings and liquids to enhance the use of e-cigarettes. While most users opt for nicotine-infused liquids, cartomizers can also have outrageous flavours such as fruits and dessert items. These cartridges typically come in two forms: those filled with propylene glycol and those that use vegetable glycerine instead. Both substances determine how much vapour each puff generates.

Once emptied of their flavours, cartomizers can be replaced with another cartridge. This gives users the freedom to switch to as many liquids as they want without having to change their e-cigarette. Although it’s possible for users to create their own unique liquids for their cartomizers, many manufacturers insist that users should buy the prepared juices instead. It can be difficult to blend a satisfying taste using only household ingredients, so users might want to stick with purchasing the manufactured versions.

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